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A successful business is the

result of strategy and well organised

structure and management.

As well as environmental services our team offer business and management solutions. We can help you draw up Health & Safety policies, develop a quality management system, provide you with client endorsements and much more.

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Health and Safety Management

Do you employ more than five people? If so, have you got a H & S policy, if not you might wish to consider engaging a team of professionals to help you get started.

If this sounds like a good idea, why not get in touch and we can discuss your needs and we will provide a no obligation quotation for drawing up a Policy statement to match your brief.

Health and Safety Control

Having a high level Health & Safety Policy for your Company, Retail Business or School/Academy is the starting position which will set out the way you wish to conduct your business and protect your employees, visitors, contractors etc all of whom may or do interact with you during the course of your operation.

There are several levels of Management which ultimately allow you to Control H&S in the workplace. How confident would you be in your systems if there was an accident/incident which resulted in a visit to your premises by the Health and Safety Inspectorate to investigate it? If you think you might be vulnerable then if you want peace of mind then why do you consider our unique ‘one stop shop’ Health and Safety Management file system, one to one coaching of the Managing ? We can provide a bespoke H & S management file system, it will, of course, require your input.

Do you need or want to have a Quality Management System?

We can provide one for you according to your needs and specification, please contact us for a no obligation quotation. A QMS can be a simple document at Level 1 through to a complex Level 5 system which will lead to ISO registration.

If this is something which you want to progress then please contact us for a no obligation quotation.

Do you want or need Display Screen Equipment Workplace Assessments or Audit and Management reporting for your business?

If the answer is yes, we can provide one for you according to your needs and specification, please contact us for a no obligation quotation.

Legionella Management and Control including Training and Assessment

If you are a landlord, that is so say, you rent out property of a commercial or domestic nature you need to be aware of your duty to the people who use and visit these premises. Every month the Health and Safety Executive, (HSE) produce data of reported cases of Legionella in the UK; sadly some of these turn out to be fatal.

In the case of Industrial premises where Cooling Towers are employed, care homes, clinics and hospitals where vulnerable people may be visiting or resident have more stringent requirements of management under the guiding regulations issued by the Local Authority and the HSE.

If you are the Duty Holder or the Responsible person and you would like to get some advice and personal one to one coaching by one of our qualified team members then please contact us for a chat and a no obligation quotation.

* Most of the above are legal requirements for most businesses, if you are not sure and you need advice contact us for a discussion and quotation for any of the above services provided by fully qualified, skilled and knowledgeable staff.

Learning and Development of Employees

This process usually involves Workplace Training and Assessment including one to one coaching. Some of the training will be on the job training carried out by the Company themselves but there are occasions when accredited outside help is required or even demanded by a Regulator.

We are able to provide these services which may include Display Screen Equipment, Legionella Management, and Health and Safety Management for Facility Management Companies.

Businesses are often found to be quoting in their literature or annual company reports that their people are their greatest assets but then fail to invest in them properly and then wonder why they are failing.

If the above has some resonance with you, why not make contact with our team to have a chat with our experienced staff who will be pleased to talk your through your needs and provide you with and should you wish to provide a no obligation quotation.

So, do you want/need to develop your employees? If the answer is yes, you can hire members of our team including the Managing Director who are fully qualified TAQA Level 3 workplace assessors, Coaches and an experienced trainers too.

Training programmes can be written and delivered to satisfy your needs and to your specifications. All training packages come with a management feedback appraisal of how well each delegate has understood the concepts in the training material together with Certification if the delegate is successful in the Assessment stage.

We can provide one to one Mentoring/Coaching services for members of your team leader, supervisory staff etc who may benefit from input from an external source to your business.

Client endorsements

For many years we have been providing Learning and Development services to major Water and Waste Water Utilities and the Ministry of Defence throughout the UK. References can be provided on request.

We specialize in the field of Water and Waste Water Operation and Management, trouble shooting problematic treatment plants, up-skilling the workforce. All training and assessment is accredited.

We also provide similar services in Display Screen Equipment, Legionella Management, Health and Safety Management.

Recruitment and Selection

Why not hire us to pre screen your applicants for new jobs that you are advertising, this is a time consuming task but if not done properly can land you in hot water if your inadvertently discriminate against a candidate who appeals your decision.

Contacts us and we will be happy to discuss the service and assurances we can provide.

Succession Planning and Staff Appraisals

Do you do this in your business, are the people who are responsible trained and aware of how to successfully use metrics to make sound decisions. Are your staff happy, do they have an idea of where they fit into the Company’s future plans? How do you select and mentor your ‘potential rising stars’ and do you know who they are?

If you have any doubts, we would be able to help you in this area, often an outside view of a consultant can provide an objective perspective from that which you get if it is always purely internal view.

Please, if you think this would benefit your business please make contact and we will happily discuss your requirements.

Does your Company have Key Performance Indicators to measure Performance?

Do you need a facilitator who can help you review existing KPI’s or indeed help you to set some in the first place. Once the targets are agreed, then Action Plans need to be drawn up and then regularly monitored with BRAG reporting systems.

If this all sounds double dutch to you, perhaps you might want to talk to our team who will be able to demystify this corporate speak for you.

So why not contact us today to see if we can help give your business a push in the right direction.

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