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We help you make sure your business  is compliant.

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We are a team of qualified environmental professionals and together we can help you to solve your problems effectively and efficiently.

If your business needs help with Environmental issues, then look no further. CONSULTME 4 EBM can help you to ensure your business is fully compliant with the law. With our team of trained professionals, whatever your needs may be we can help.

To find out more about some of the specific services please click on one of the drop down sub-headings.

Environmental Policy Statements

Does your Company want/need an Environmental Policy to satisfy the requirements of Government/County Council/Town Council Departments to enable you to bid for contracts/services/tenders etc? Or do you require one for other reasons?

Either way, why not contact us for a no obligation quotation.

Water & Waste Water Treatment Advice & Troubleshooting

Have you got problems with you Private Drinking Water Supply, have you been advised to seek professional help? If so, you have come to the right Company, we can help you to solve most quality problems that you might be experiencing.

Why not contact us to discuss the issue(s) and obtain a no obligation quotation.

Advice on Planning Matters and Land Remediation

With our team of qualified Chartered Environmentalists, Chartered Scientists and Chartered Biologists we can offer professional advice on the above matters, these may be quite simple or extremely complex depending on the particular site and the planned development.

Why not contact us to see how we might be able to help? We provide no obligation quotations.

Environmental Impact Assessments

Are you tied up in a planning situation where you are being asked to provide the planning authorities with and EIA for your proposed development?

If the answer to the question is yes, then why not contact our qualified team of Chartered Environmentalists who will be pleased to try and help you. We will provide a no obligation quotation to undertake such work on your behalf.

Odour Control and Odour Management Plans

Are you having difficulties with your neighbours or environmental regulators because of poor farming practises, malfunctioning sewage treatment plants and sewage pumping stations. Well odour nuisance is an offence for which the regulator can take enforcement action leading to prosecution through the courts.

Quite often, off odours can be controlled and managed by a change in operations and improved housekeeping but sometimes specialized odour control treatment plant is required to manage the off odours from the process being undertaken.

If you would like more advice then please contact us for a no obligation quotation.

Legionella Management and Control

If you are a landlord, that is so say, you rent out property of a commercial or domestic nature you need to be aware of your duty to the people who use and visit these premises. Every month the Health and Safety Executive, (HSE) produce data of reported cases of Legionella in the UK; sadly some of these turn out to be fatal.

In the case of Industrial premises where Cooling Towers are employed, care homes, clinics and hospitals where vulnerable people may be visiting or resident have more stringent requirements of management under the guiding regulations issued by the Local Authority and the HSE.

If you are the Duty Holder or the Responsible person and you would like to get some advice and personal one to one coaching by one of our qualified team members then please contact us for a chat and a no obligation quotation.

Regulation and Regulators

In the UK Environmental Regulation is annexed to Government departments, for example in England the Environment Agency, EA are charged with enforcing the over arching Legislation by which ‘the polluter pays’ principle. The EA are part of the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

As this is the case, any contravention of Environmental legislation can be extremely damaging to the Person, Company or Corporation who might be found guilty of breaking the law and may render them to prosecution and heavy fines imposed by the Courts. But there is a ‘double whammy’, because as well as being fined in the Courts the guilty party will also suffer from reputational damage to their ‘brand’ which may have a more significant long term impact on them.

In conclusion, it is much better to try and ensure that you do not get into a position where enforcement action against the Person, Company or Corporation is being considered by the Regulator.

Our experienced and qualified team can help you devise strategies whereby you minimize the chance that enforcement action will be taken against you. So, if you are interested in avoiding falling foul of Regulators or if you are currently at risk of enforcement action by the EA in England, Scottish Environment Protection Agency, SEPA in Scotland, Natural Resources in Wales and the Northern Ireland Environment Agency, NIEA.

Other Regulators include those like the Environmental Health Officers of District Councils throughout the UK who are charged with enforcing many aspects of Public Health Act(s) including those that pertain to Odour and Noise Nuisance. They can and do issue enforcement orders once a statutory nuisance has been established and if timely and effective action is not taken to abate the nuisance they will take legal action through the Courts to bring a prosecution against the offending party. More than this they have powers to shutdown the activity causing nuisance until it has been satisfactorily removed. Once again, fines can be large and reputational damage high impacting on the financial bottom line.

It is much better to have operational strategies in place to avoid such possible consequences and with our qualified and experienced team we are able to help you achieve your aims of not having to deal with these issues. If on the other hand, you are in a situation where you are being threatened with an enforcement notice, prosecution nor even shutdown, it is important that you act quickly.

Last but not least, and once again under Public Health Legislation, Trade Effluent teams working for the Water and Waste Water Utilities can and do bring enforcement action including prosecution through the Courts for pollution incidents and non compliance with Trade Effluent Consent conditions within that legal document.

Once, again we can help mitigate and help to devise and implement strategies to minimize this kind of action by the Utilities. If you find yourself in this situation why not contact us for a no obligation discussion and quotation.

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