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At CONSULTME 4 EBM Limited we pride ourselves on our business ethics

At CONSULTME 4 EBM Limited we pride ourselves on our business ethics which is based on building Open and Honest relationships that are sustainable over time and that are of mutual benefit to both parties.   We also believe in making a positive contribution to society in general and more specifically within the local community in which we operate.

We have devised the mnemonic VISTA to create an image of the way in which we do our business.

V alues

We will always deal with our clients and suppliers in an Open and Honest way. We recognise the value of feedback, whether positive or negative and we will try to learn the lessons and incorporate them into our future operations and relationships.

I ntegrity

We will always endeavour to act with a high degree of integrity and professionalism in all our activities.

S ustainable

We will strive to build sustainable relationships in all our business activities and amongst the local community that we operate in whether they are in the UK or abroad. We believe in a responsible and supportive approach to the local community and society in general. This is exemplified by the voluntary work undertaken by the Director on behalf of a national children’s charity.

T rust

We consider that mutual trust and respect are the basis of all successful and stable relationships, whether they are of a personal or business nature. We will work tirelessly to establish trust and to achieve a high degree of respect in the business and personal relationships we make and within the communities we operate in.

A ccredited

The Director and officers of Consultme 4 EBM Limited will do their utmost to ensure that they hold the appropriate level of accreditation in their fields of expertise. This will be achieved by regular training up dates and by Continuing Professional Development.

We very much hope that our VISTA approach to business, communities and society in general will produce a clear image of our Values, Style and Commitment to building strong and sustainable relationships.

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