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We at Bridge Office Interiors Ltd are pleased to be able to provide this testimonial for Consultme 4 EBM ltd. We have used their services for a number of years now and they originally helped us set up our Health and Safety management system. Every year as this year Dennis Doman carried out our yearly audit when he updated our Environmental policy and our Health and Safety policy ensuring that we all ways comply with all the current regulations.
Their approach is nothing but professional and are completely up to date with all the current regulations, changes etc. So we are completely confident that we comply!

David EllisBridge Office Interiors

Develop Training has been counting on Dennis Doman (the CEO of Consultme 4 EBM Limited) for his expertise and professionalism in delivering consultancy and training solutions for our customers for over 11 years.

Dennis was first engaged in 2007 when we needed support to deliver an up-skilling programme in the Activated Sludge process of treatment and its control in Waste Water treatment plants throughout Scotland for Scottish Water.

Since then Dennis and his team at CM4 EBM have been our go to associates in the field of providing both Water and Waste Water Treatment and Operational training and assessment packages for major Water and Waste Water Companies in the UK; namely Thames Water, Northumbrian Water, Yorkshire Water, Scottish Water and most recently Southern Water.

CM4 EBM have also provided similar training and assessment packages with more emphasis on Environmental control which includes Trade Effluent management together with up-skilliing Water and Waste Water treatment and operations for companies such as General Motors at Ellesmere Port, the USAF and MOD at bases such as RAF Lakenheath, RAF Mildenhall, RAF Alconbury and most recently at RAF Fairford. and not forgetting helping EDF and their partners Workplace solutions provided by Engie by again providing both training, and bespoke coaching and City and Guilds assessment at their on-site Activated Sludge treatment plant.

CM4 EBM and their CEO Dennis have also provided many 2-day training and assessment package sponsored by British Water for the maintenance and operation of small package sewage treatment plants.

Due to increasing volumes of work in the field of Legionella control and management, Dennis has recently been supporting my team deliver high quality and approved training and assessment modules which we at Develop have successfully refined over many years now.

We value the partnership approach Dennis and I have developed over the past few years and I look forward to continuing this with Dennis and his team as we win more contracts to provide our brand of approved courses in the field of Environmental Management Control.

Daryll Garavan Training Delivery Manager

We had the pleasure of Dennis for 4 days to help my experienced sewage maintenance team better understand the technicalities of the sewerage process that they manage.

Dennis was very patient and delivered a bespoke course geared towards the type of plants that we manage, but at the same time, ensured that the wider industry plant and processes were also presented to make sure it was a thorough course.

Dennis had a calm clear style, was very engaging, and was very clear on important points which I was extremely happy about as it left my team in no doubt whatsoever as to what was good and poor practice. It’s worth adding that the course had a good balance of technical content, site visits, presentations and discussions, and as a result it had a natural flow that kept the team engaged interested and attentive throughout.

It was a pleasure to see my team so motivated and animated talking about work related technical issues, and we were able to put the training into practice the following week immediately saving us money. We were also able to discuss how we could manage the sites better, more professionally, more transparently, and with a much clearer audit trail, and we’re introducing these measures in the following weeks.

It was an excellent course, exactly what I was hoping for, and from day one we’ve been able to benefit from it, technically, financially and professionally.

DarrenWinchester City Council

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